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How Often Should I Have an Eye Exam?

child sitting on her mother's lap in the exam chair is having her eyes examined by the optometrist

Understanding when to schedule an eye exam is important for maintaining healthy vision and catching potential health and ocular conditions issues early. There are different eye exams to address different concerns.
The frequency of eye exams for children, adults, and seniors varies depending on age, underlying health conditions, and risk factors for eye diseases. […]

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Are Daily Contacts Better for Dry Eyes?

Packs of daily disposable contact lenses.

Dry eyes can be an uncomfortable and sometimes painful condition. It may surprise you that contact lenses can sometimes exacerbate this issue. However, newer technologies have emerged in the contact lens industry that can help to alleviate discomfort and dryness and correct vision at the same time. One such technology is daily contacts. Contact lenses […]

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What Is Covered By Vision Insurance? & Other Common FAQs

A man filling out an application for vision insurance

You may be wondering what kind of coverage you have—or should have—when it comes to vision insurance. Vision insurance plays a crucial role in maintaining eye health and helping individuals access essential eye care services.  Whether your insurance is through an employer-sponsored plan or individual policy, understanding your coverage can help you make the most […]

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