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About Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery or laser vision correction can free patients from spectacles and contact lenses. Most methods focus on correcting vision problems like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia.

If you’re eager to drop the glasses and toss your contacts, laser eye surgery might be calling your name. But you have questions. A laser eye surgery consultation has answers.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

Each type of laser eye surgery has pros and cons. Some eye conditions make patients poor candidates for certain types of vision correction. 

In addition to assessing your candidacy, a laser eye surgery consultation helps your eye care team develop a plan. Understanding your eye care needs and lifestyle habits ensures the best possible results.

The most familiar name in the refractive surgery game is LASIK. It’s the most popular choice for refractive surgery.

Typically, it takes 10 minutes for each eye. During the procedure, an ophthalmologist creates a flap to access your cornea. Then, a laser reshapes your eye. Finally, the flap is gently folded back over your cornea.

In most cases, the quality of a patient’s vision is immediately improved. Some changes can occur during the initial few weeks as your eyes heal.

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) was the original laser surgery. Now the second-most common, PRK can be an alternative for patients who aren’t a good match for LASIK.

During the 20-minute procedure, an ophthalmologist removes the epithelium, an outer layer of cells on your cornea. Next, the patient concentrates on a target or light. Then, a laser reshapes your cornea.

Refractive lens exchange (RLE) or clear lens extraction (CLE) is an outpatient surgery used for correcting vision or removing cataracts. It is more common for patients with presbyopia or astigmatism.

During the procedure, a laser to remove a patient’s natural lens. Then, a replacement lens is implanted.

Cataracts are cloudy areas that form in the lens of the eye. Laser cataract surgery removes the natural lens. Then, an artificial replacement lens is implanted to restore clear vision.

The procedure typically lasts 20 minutes and is similar to clear lens extraction.

What to Expect During Laser Eye Surgery

We understand you have a lot of questions. We’ll be available with answers every step of the way.

It’s okay to be nervous. It’s laser eye surgery; it’s a big decision. But you’re not alone. So we’ll break down the process and guide you through it.

Book an appointment with your optometrist to ask if you’re a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Your eye doctor can tell you about the options available, discuss your vision goals, and determine the best way forward.

Your eye care team needs to assess your eye health and gather important vision information. A comprehensive eye exam will tell us, and your future laser eye surgeon, all about your unique eye needs.

After an in-depth assessment of your eye care needs, we can send a referral. We’ll forward the data we collected about your visual system and refraction information to the ophthalmologist responsible for your laser eye surgery. Accurate measurements are important for the best results.

Recovery is as important as the surgery itself. There can be a lot to remember about caring for your eyes post-surgery, and we’re available to remind you. We’ll also book a followup to check your eye health and monitor vision changes.

We’re Here to Talk

There’s no such thing as too many questions. So talk to us if you want to know more about postoperative healing or what to expect in the days, months, or years to come. We’re always eager to discuss eye health.

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