Eaglet Eye Technology for Scleral Lenses in Charleston, SC

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Our Choice for Scleral Lens Fittings

We dedicate ourselves to delivering modern strategies for individuals seeking quality vision care at Daniel Island Eye Care. Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by adopting technologies like Eaglet Eye for comprehensive, quick, and comfortable specialty contact lens fittings, particularly scleral lenses. 

We’re the only provider in Charleston and South Carolina, and among just 200 optometry practices in the USA to adopt Eaglet Eye as part of our fitting process, and we’re ready to bring this modern approach to you and your vision.

Join us for a transformative eye care and contact lens experience by booking an appointment today. 

Discover the next generation of vision care at Daniel Island Eye Care.

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What Is Eaglet Eye?

The Eaglet Eye ESP (Eye Surface Profiler) is a breakthrough in eye care technology used to thoroughly map the surface of your eye, including the cornea, limbus, and sclera using 350,000 data points.

Leveraging AI software, Eaglet Eye adapts to the unique contours of your eye, setting a new standard in customized lens fittings.

Saving You Time & Money: Why We Use Eaglet Eye

Eaglet Eye provides us with our preferred approach to customizing scleral lenses to suit various eye shapes and conditions. It offers tailored solutions for addressing “special” eyes and specific vision concerns, providing the clarity you need without spending lengths of time finding suitable lenses.

Some issues it can help us address include:

With Eaglet Eye, we can offer a more personalized lens fit with comfort and precision.

The Traditional Fitting Process

Traditionally, finding the right fit for scleral lenses could take months of testing and numerous office visits. 

Patients also often had to settle with less-than-preferred clarity because traditional methods relied on pre-made lenses.

The Eaglet Eye Fitting Process

The Eaglet Eye ESP maps your eye with the help of built in AI software, which could help us fit contacts for most patients on the first try.. 

This means less waiting and more time enjoying crisp, clear, comfortable vision.

Get Fitted for Specialty Contacts Today

Why settle for less than the vision we can help you achieve? At Daniel Island Eye Care, we’re here to provide you with modern strategies for correcting your vision, managing a range of eye conditions, and preserving your eye health and comfort. 

It all starts when you visit us for an eye exam.

If you’re ready to see how we can support the way you see, book your appointment today and discover the comfort and clarity our specialty contacts can bring.

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Located between Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC, you can find us at the corner of Daniel Island Drive and Seven Farms Drive, next to Orlando’s Pizza. We have parking in front and a large lot behind our building.

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