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About Vision Therapy

Your visual system is a complicated structure. Each part has a function, working for vision or overall eye health. Sometimes, those parts work differently, which can impact how effectively they function.

Vision therapy goes beyond what traditional corrective glasses or lenses can do. Instead, an eye care professional uses techniques to improve visual ability.

How Vision Therapy Can Help

Vision therapy uses innovative solutions to improve visual skills and comfort. After all, vision is more than what you can see, and includes how your brain understands that information

There’s no age limit for vision therapy, as the techniques are effective for children and adults. Like learning any new skill, improving visual ability takes practice. It helps to have a knowledgeable teacher with access to some top-notch technology. 

Like a basketball player learning from a coach, your eye doctor helps improve your visual development. 

Vision therapy can also help retrain your brain. For example, suppose a basketball player is injured during a game. They might visit a physiotherapist to heal and regain strength. Likewise, when someone experiences a traumatic injury to their visual system or brain, vision therapy can help retrain their optical system.

Other ocular conditions that can benefit from vision therapy include:

Healthy Vision Beyond 20/20

Whether or not the eyes are the window to the soul, your eyes say a lot about you. Vision therapy looks deep into your eyes. We gather insight into your unique vision through tools, technology, and eye care expertise.

After learning about your vision system, we can offer therapy and exercises to improve eye function.

RightEye Technology

RightEye is a diagnostic tool for detecting vision problems, including visual performance, brain function, and eye health. RightEye uses a 5-minute test to capture involuntary eye movements with precise detail.

The noninvasive technology gives your eye care team crucial information about your brain-eye connection.

Vision Therapy for Children

Vision therapy can be especially important for patients who can’t communicate how their eyes feel or function. Children’s eye exams can detect vision problems early. The more information you have about your child’s eye development, the better you can prepare for their future.

Find More Vision Solutions on Daniel Island

There’s no age limit on healthy vision. Book an appointment at Daniel Island Eye Care for vision therapy to improve your visual skills. Talk to our staff to learn more. We’re available to answer your eye care questions.

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Located between Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC, you can find us at the corner of Daniel Island Drive and Seven Farms Drive, next to Orlando’s Pizza. We have parking in front and a large lot behind our building.

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