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Regular Eye Exams Could Reduce Risk of Vision Loss

At Daniel Island Eye Care, we value our community and want to have a positive impact. Performing regular, comprehensive eye exams can often be the difference between maintaining or losing your vision.

Annual eye exams are important for many reasons, but become vital to our well being as we age. Eye diseases such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration are more prevalent as we get older.

What’s truly frustrating is how many of these eye diseases do not present symptoms until vision loss has already begun to occur.

This means that only your eye care professional can detect the early stages of eye diseases that could cause irreversible blindness.

So how do we do it?

We appreciate that an eye exam can be an inconvenient process, just like any appointment at a medical clinic. That’s why at Daniel Island Eye Care, you come first.

By utilizing contemporary technology, we are often able to negate the need for dilating eye drops. We also ensure that all of our patients undergo a retinal exam.

Daniel Island Eye Care values patient education. You are the person in control of your eye care: how can sound decisions be made without proper information? We always take the time to fully explain everything we do and why, so that your choices are based on knowledge and preference. After all, healthy vision goes beyond 20/20.

Presbyopia Diagnosis & Treatment

Are you beginning to experience difficulties with your near vision? You’re not the only one. Presbyopia may be the culprit if you are over 40. These issues with up-close vision are due to the natural lenses of our eyes becoming rigid and inflexible as we get older.

Symptoms & Management:

  • Blurred near vision
  • Difficulty reading small print
  • The need to hold things further away to see them clearly
  • Requiring increased lighting to focus properly up-close

Presbyopia is a very common issue. As such, there are many management strategies available. Different varieties of eyeglass lenses – some just for reading, others which are multifocals – can ease the strain of presbyopia. Contact lenses and refractive surgery are also viable options.

At Daniel Island Eye Care, we will ensure we find the best solution for you.

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